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CGShape Different types of licenses or End User License Agreements

We sell our 3d models under three different types of license agreements: Standard, Editorial and Extended.

All of the above types of licenses are perpetual and royalty free and may permit using the models for generating content for editorial, educational, advertising and promotional purposes, with restrictions, depending on the type of license.

The Standard and Editorial licenses do not allow the resale, license or distribution of the models purchased under those license types.

We strongly encourage you to carefully check the details of the different types of End User License Agreement (EULA):

  1.  - Standard, our base license model and the most common in our store, for 3d models not containing trademarks, brand names, logos or distinctive signs.

  2.  - Editorial, which allows the Buyer using the model for editorial purposes only. Beware that using someone’s trademark for promotional or advertising use is not allowed without explicit permission from the rights owner. The Buyer is ultimately responsible for the use he makes of the model. CGShape does not clear any content or make any guarantee about intellectual property rights associated with models under Editorial license.

  3.  - Extended, which may allow the Buyer to resell, license or destribute a derivative work partially or totally created from our 3d models.

  4. Should you require to resale, license or distribute a derivative work partly or totally created from our models, you need to acquire an Extended license. For additional information, please, contact us.

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